Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The ACN Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

“Did you ever get really fired up about an idea?  I mean really fired up! For example, let’s say you are looking at a business opportunity, and this business has just everything you’ve been looking for your whole life.  You are excited about the products.  You love the people you are meeting. You totally get how this could make you a lot of money. Help you dig out of that hole you can’t seem to escape. Give you a chance to dream again.  Really change your life.

Yep, you’re riding high, and you can’t stop telling everybody about it, and that’s when the roller coaster starts. Because every time you get all fired up there are plenty of people standing by to throw cold water on your passion. It’s scary the things people say, and if those are the only things you hear you start to believe them.  Sometimes the scariest things are the things you say to yourself.  

It might make you want to walk away, but you’ll always wonder, what happened to my passion? Is there any hope? Where’s the drive and the vision that got me so fired up? Well guess what? It’s still there, deep inside of you.

And keeping that fire burning, keeping that passion alive is all about the way you support yourself. What you read. The voices you listen to.  The things you do with your time.  They can all feed your fire, build up your belief in yourself and what you can do and turn a roller coaster into a rocket to the moon.  So find that fire within. Feed the fire with positive information, personal growth, and success tools. It’s a small investment today that can make a world of difference tomorrow.”

Watch the full video from ACN below.

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