Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The ACN Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

“Did you ever get really fired up about an idea?  I mean really fired up! For example, let’s say you are looking at a business opportunity, and this business has just everything you’ve been looking for your whole life.  You are excited about the products.  You love the people you are meeting. You totally get how this could make you a lot of money. Help you dig out of that hole you can’t seem to escape. Give you a chance to dream again.  Really change your life.

Yep, you’re riding high, and you can’t stop telling everybody about it, and that’s when the roller coaster starts. Because every time you get all fired up there are plenty of people standing by to throw cold water on your passion. It’s scary the things people say, and if those are the only things you hear you start to believe them.  Sometimes the scariest things are the things you say to yourself.  

It might make you want to walk away, but you’ll always wonder, what happened to my passion? Is there any hope? Where’s the drive and the vision that got me so fired up? Well guess what? It’s still there, deep inside of you.

And keeping that fire burning, keeping that passion alive is all about the way you support yourself. What you read. The voices you listen to.  The things you do with your time.  They can all feed your fire, build up your belief in yourself and what you can do and turn a roller coaster into a rocket to the moon.  So find that fire within. Feed the fire with positive information, personal growth, and success tools. It’s a small investment today that can make a world of difference tomorrow.”

Watch the full video from ACN below.

Monday, October 17, 2016

ACN Reviews: Mike Bisutti

”Before ACN I was working as a volleyball coach, doing some property management, waiting tables, and I was a full time student; so I was super, super busy. I had barely any time for anything else. The scary thing was I was busy, but I was broke.  A buddy of mine said, “Hey there’s a better way to make money. Come check out this business.” I saw that there was a better way through residual income.

Now, one of the things that really motivated me when I first joined ACN was an opportunity to have both time and money together to do the things that matter most.  For me, I wanted to have more time with my family. My dad, he worked really hard also, but I never got to see my dad.  He was getting up before the sun was even up and was coming back way after the sun had set.

One of my biggest motivators was to be able to be a family guy with my family and enjoy them. The flexibility of ACN is amazing because I am able to work my business, help other people succeed and do the things we’ve done.  At the same time, I can have either my family with me or be right back with my family, and do the things I’ve always wanted to do. Which is take them around, travel. Be able to experience things with them.  I don’t want a daycare to raise my kids. I didn’t want to, you know, be the passing ships in the night like my parents were as husband and wife because they are both having to work these jobs.  They are kind of slaves to the boss, or that environment.

I want to be able to be my own boss and be able to make my own schedule. That’s what ACN has allowed us to do.”

Friday, October 14, 2016

What is ACN Inc?

ACN, founded in 1993 by a group of four entrepreneurs, has grown to be the largest worldwide direct telecommunications seller.

Greg Provenzano
ACN President & Co-Founder
Robert Stevanovski
ACN Chairman & Co-Founder
Tony Cupisz
ACN Vice President & Co-Founder
Mike Cupisz
ACN Vice President & Co-Founder

In addition to basic household services like phone, gas, wireless, merchant services, electricity, high speed internet, home security, home automation, and television, ACN also offers energy and vehicle solutions. ACN provides a business model for individuals to build their own independent business by sharing ACN’s services with others. As each Independent Business Owner acquires customers who use ACN’s services, they receive residual income as long as their customers are using the services.

ACN also gives back through many charities, their main channel being their Project Feeding Kids Program.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

ACN Reviews: Cav. Franco Lofranco

" I grew up in an Italian family in Toronto, Canada. My father always taught me to have multiple sources of income. So at the time, I was involved in four other companies. I remember I used to have a couch in my office that I used to sleep on. I was working very, very hard. This was the fifth one I got involved with at the same time and it was great because ACN is designed to be part-time, to get started part-time and to build it part-time. And that's what I did, I put in a few hours a week to get started. And then, after a while the business started to take on traction and to build. I fell in love with the lifestyle of ACN. I fell in love with how to build the company and helping other people make money and help them change their life and it became a great experience.

Two of the reasons I got involved with ACN is, number one, to change my life and how hard I was working for the return I was getting. But also, number two, to be able take care of my parents and give them financial freedom. I'm proud to say now, over a decade later, my parents never have to worry about money ever again. My life is completely altered from where it was when I first started.

I had not taken a vacation in five years before I saw the ACN business. On top of that, I was always worrying about what's happening tomorrow, what's happening the next day...I had very little in savings. I never had the freedom to go do things I wanted to do. So for example, one of the things I've always wanted to do was be a pilot. It was one of my passions in life was to learn how to fly but I never had the time to do it. Or, the money that it would really take to make that a reality. And so, one of the things I have now the ability to do is to fly, I have my own pilots license. I have [an] airplane. If you had told me that a decade ago that that would be a reality for me I would have told you [that] you were crazy.

It's interesting...when I became a Senior Vice President I said, "Ok, what now?" I have the time, money and freedom...what now? I had a great conversation with Mr. Robert Stevanovski, the chairman of the company, about what to create next. And then he said something very profound. He said "Franco, what good is it if you make a lot of money but help no one else do it?" That really hit home to me and I see how hard the co-founders work every day to help people improve their life and I took that upon as my mission, too.

So I have a really big goal to help a lot of people with ACN become financially free. I want to help a lot of people become successful. Something I've mastered, which is the ACN system, for me to be able to give that gift to others is a privilege for me now. And that's what really motivates me now -- how many can I give the same gift that I've been able to receive through ACN?"